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Are you ready for an adventure?!

One wonderful thing about sharing the Posh love and helping others get much deserved 'me time' is that it has led to some of the most incredible adventures of my life! 

While working from home, pampering myself (hello product testing!) and giving others the chance to treat themselves to a spa like facial or a hand crème, I've had the opportunity to earn the most amazing all expense paid vacations!  

To date I have been on nine trips with Posh in which airfare, accommodations, and amenities have been taken care of! I've made pasta from scratch in Italy, ziplined through the jungle in Costa Rica, rode a donkey in Greece, black light bowled in Vegas, build bikes for sweet orphans in Punta Cana, explored the Riverwalk in San Antonio, got exclusive training at our Home Office in Utah, and taken a second honeymoon with my husband in Puerto Vallarta! 

When I first started my Posh by Cristina pampering venture I only dreamed of having less hours working outside the home. I had no idea that it would lead to working at home full time and taking annual adventures around the world! These trips are nothing I've ever experienced before and surely nothing I thought I'd ever have the chance to take part in! 

I'm so thankful for every trip I've been on and to have my hard work recognized and celebrated! With passion, drive, and persistence these trips, adventures, and experiences from here on out can be yours, too! I can show you what it takes to earn your own ticket to paradise! Are you ready?! 



Pack Your Bags

The opportunity to travel is just one of the many great opportunities with Posh! Start your journey today and work towards earning your own adventure around the world! I can't wait to cheers with you on the next Posh trip! 

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Italy - June 2016


I earned my very first Posh incentive trip in 2016 and found myself jetting off to Italy! Together with 49 other earners I enjoyed 3 days in Rome and 3 days in Florence! Wine tasting, pasta making, and so much exploring!

Costa Rica - January 2017


The new year started off with a bang thanks to a fantastic week in Costa Rica at an all inclusive resort! We spent our time soaking up the sun, zip lining in the jungle, and even took part in a service project fixing up a local preschool.

Greece - June 2017


Greece was a DREAM destination! I was proud to be among 40 top consultants to earn a week long cruise through the Greek isles. So many incredible stops filled with beautiful views and tremendous food! We even partied on a pirate ship! 

Punta Cana - April 2018


I was utterly thankful for my sweet friend Erin Madsen taking me as her guest on our trip to Punta Cana! It was a wonderful week at an all inclusive filled with daily trips to the swim up bar and so many laughs with great friends! 

Puerto Vallarta - February 2019


Our trip to Mexico was the first trip I earned not only for myself but for a guest as well! I was so excited to take my sweet husband Zachary on his first Posh adventure and his first experience at an all inclusive! He LOVES the Posh life! 

Where Will Posh Take Us Next?


Every year a new adventure is announced and a new opportunity to earn an incredible trip is presented! Where will Posh take us next?! I have no idea but I do know that it will be the trip of a lifetime and I don't want to miss it! You shouldn't miss it either! Come join the fun!